What is Ad Density

Ad Density is the first of many useful tools developed for the digital publishing industry. Aimed to give publishers the opportunity to provide a better ad experience for their users, it allows you to dynamically measure the ad density on the entire page or a single viewport. Assess your ad compatibility for free and test as many pages you wish with no limitation.

How does Ad Density work?

The exclusive beta version of Ad Density helps you not to exceed the 30% mobile ads maximum and avoid disruptive ad experience by following 3 easy and intuitive steps:

  • Go to your web page
  • Click ‘’Calculate’’
  • Get instant results

Does Ad Density collect any user data?

AdMeedik Density does not have the purpose to collect any user data. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Fully transparent

At DevriX, we believe in transparency. One of our main purposes is to build trust and share expertise. The beta version of Ad Density is absolutely free with no hidden fees, no email or personal data required. Download the Ad Density measurement tool for free and dynamically calculate your user-friendly ads compliance with no limitation!

About Ad Density Standard

There are several major ad standards for publishers, established to regulate the increasing amount of disruptive and intrusive ads that have been flooding the internet in the past few years. Limiting Ad Density is one of these standards, defined by the Coalition for Better Ads and the Acceptable Ads Committee. (although only BAS is using that name). As much as the other standards are more concerned with the formats of ads that have been approved to be more user friendly, ad density is about the quantity of ads being shown to a user.

The acceptable limit is a 30% ad density for mobile, under the BAS, and either 15% or 25% density depending on whether the ad is placed above or below the fold, under the AAS.

Why should we keep ourselves so worried whether this particular standard is met or not? The ramifications of not meeting the ‘30% ad density rule’ are not quite clear. Apart from annoying their audience with non-user friendly experience, a publisher could also be sanctioned for not ensuring great ad experiences.